The team

PrestApp’s team

It’s time to introduce ourselves ! We are three youg entrepreneurs specialised in IT development. One year ago, we decided to create PrestApp, our startup we processed during 2017. Now we are ready !

We are friends from school but we are very different from each other, and that makes our strenght : we complet each other and it helps us advancing in our project.

Sans titre-1

All three holder of a Master of science (MSc) obtained in a computer engineering school in Nantes, we are specialised in IT development. That formation has given us the necessary keys to create PrestApp, that we coded from A to Z.

During our 5 years of study, we specialised. The purpose was to harmonize each other to make PrestApp an efficient startup.


Maxime LEON

“I integrate and develop front and back sites : it is the forwarding of Photoshop model of websites to code, to answer the companies needs and making the sites functional.”


“I do the same work as Maxime but moreover I create hybrid apps, those are mobile applications created with one code but that can work on different platforms (iOS, Android…).”


“I have skills in data processing, tool to aid decision and reporting : I help companies managers to understand their environment and to take the best strategic decisions they can.”

Some definitions

Front site

Everything the user see and he can interact with on the website.

Back site

Behind the site, edition and management.

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